There are many tools in the old toolbox that design firms, freelancers, and business owners, in general, use every day. Today the OSMedia team has made a list of the top 5 apps we use today to manage our time management and marketing and finances. So buckle your seatbelts.

Trello is the best workflow management app.

Trello is the best workflow management app.

1. Trello

Oh baby, this app has got bite. This project management app is packed full of goodies. It resembles the most organized sticky note system you’ve ever mustered. This app allows you to make multiple boards where you can save tasks in order of priority, add team members to collaborate with and upload documents directly to boards. Great for team-based project management. This app also has a mobile version, new desktop version and web version. Also, it’s free.

2. Wave accounting

This invoicing software packs a punch across the board with mobile app version, and web version. And accompanying app for recording recipes for expense tracking purposes. Wave has mobile payment options as well. We use this app every day.

3. Buffer

Buffer is this great social media marketing app with scheduling capabilities. The free version supports 5 accounts which include all popular social media platforms. The reason we like this app is the cost of the Awesome version and its simplicity Awesome version allows 10 profiles and 100 scheduled posts a month, but you can go ahead and find what features work for you. It has a mobile app version, desktop version, and browser extension making it easier to share from your browser. Other programs like HootSuite, we feel, has a bigger purpose in that you can use it to advertise for other clients. But to market your own company we feel Buffer is the best.

Adobe Spark Post is a great tool for making creative posts on your mobile device

Adobe Spark Post is a great tool for making creative posts on your mobile device

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