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There are many tools in the ‘old toolbox’ that design firms, freelancers, and business owners alike use daily That’s why the OSMedia Co. team thought it would be insightful to give our list of the top 5 apps we use today to manage our time, marketing, and finance. So buckle your seatbelts! Let’s get started on our top 5 free apps used by OSMedia Co. for conducting business.

1. Trello

Trello is the best workflow management app.
Trello is the best workflow management app.

Oh baby, this app has got bite. This project management app is packed full of goodies. It resembles the most organized sticky note system you’ve ever mustered but goes well beyond your average sticky note. This app allows you to make multiple boards where you can save tasks in order of priority, add team members to collaborate with and upload documents directly to boards. Great for team-based project management. This app also has a mobile version, new desktop version and web version. Also, it’s free! Next, we will discuss how OSMedia Co. keeps the taxman from knocking on our doors.

2. Wave Accounting

This invoicing software packs a punch across the board. Wave supports a mobile app version, a web version and even offers a convenient app for recording receipts for tracking your company’s expenses. But the train doesn’t stop there! Wave has mobile payment options (at a cost per transaction), offers payroll services, and you can even hire an accountant to balance the books! We use Wave every day and love it! We love it so much we want to scream it from the top of a mountain. But seeing as the mountain that is my desktop picture doesn’t count, we will have to stick to good old fashioned social media. Which brings us to our next item. Managing social media scheduling and content!

3. Buffer

Buffer is this great social media marketing app with scheduling capabilities. The free version supports 5 accounts which include all popular social media platforms. The cost of the ‘Awesome’ version is reasonable and includes 10 profiles and 100 scheduled posts a month. It has a mobile app version, desktop version, and browser extension making it easier to share from your browser. Other programs like HootSuite, we feel, has a bigger purpose in that you can use it to advertise for other clients. In other cases, where your goal is to manage your own company’s social media presence buffer may be more ideal Now it’s time to figure out how to make stunning social media content on the go!

4. Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a great tool for making creative posts on your mobile device

As some of you might imagine, some of us around the office are big fans of Adobe CC. One of the reasons is Adobe Spark Post. This app allows you to make branded posts for many social media platforms with access to royalty-free photo assets, auto-sizing for different platforms as well as some other helpful sizes. As well as cool filters like simple animations or photo filters. It’s packed with fonts and supports Live Photos. So many features. Give it a shot. Note: tap the #adobepost watermark to share and remove the watermark.

5. iCal

Now I know you guys are thinking, boo! Well, stop. iCal is just our favourite. We’re Apple everything up in here. That’s not to say we don’t use PC’s but only when we want to play games! iCal has particularly good compatibility and reliability. Its features are reliable and integrated seamlessly into macOS and iOS platform devices. Without a doubt, this app is our friend. I suppose we mean calendar apps, in general, are our friends as they really keep you in check and on time. Not to mention you can add virtually any type of calendar to any kind of app today. But we choose iCal as our fav because of compatibility with the hardware we use. 

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