Starting a company involves a great deal of vision and focus. You have to know what you want and be willing to work with others to achieve it. For many, it can be hard to let go of an idea even though letting it go might be the best thing for their business. Cue music…”let it go…let it go!”. This article will help business owners to avoid our top 3 pitfalls while conceptualizing a logo.

Don’t get me wrong. Your vision is more important than what a software application can make look pretty or the concept of a great designer. Your vision is exactly what makes those ideas possible. But sometimes we can get in our own way. I guess you might look at like Googling your symptoms before going to the Doctor.

Which leads me to the article. The Top 3 things not to do when conceptualizing your logo.

Image of a poster that reads "Love truth Again".

unsplash-logo Jon Tyson

1. Be Truthful

Don’t just use the first thing that pops into your head. Make sure it means something and speaks to your vision. For example. Say you sell spiders. This is kinda a bad@$$ business model and maybe you could approach it that way. But what if you loved spiders and thought that they were underrated and misunderstood? I know I don’t. Yuk! But what if? Perhaps it’s a cute spider with a heart shaped rear end. Or maybe it’s a spider in someone’s hands. Nevertheless, you have to think about your values and how you want to be perceived. Take your time and work with your designer to find the perfect way to distill your goals and values into a lasting logo.

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unsplash-logoJoanna Kosinska

2. Be Interesting

Don’t treat the most import part of your brand as a piece of clip art. The point is to be unique and clear in what you are trying to communicate. It’s more about how well it works then how good it looks and if you are trying to use a cookie cutter, the result surely won’t be interesting at all, nor will it express your unique vision. Don’t get me wrong, if you sell something that people can’t live without, like brakes for your car, your logo could be the poo emoji 💩. You shouldn’t. But you could. As I said, your logo should be unique. So avoid doing the first thing that pops in your head or copying what you’ve seen.

Woman sitting un floor with back to couch and laptop open on lap.

unsplash-logoThought Catalog

3. It’s Not About You

As much as your business is your creation it is not about you. In some cases, it can be, say if you are a public figure. In this case, you are your brand and things should be considered differently. As much as your influences, interests, and passions may have led you to start your business, your logo is about your business, not your story. What I mean is, if you like butterflies and the colour purple, it doesn’t mean that those elements should be included in your logo for a laundry service company. Avoid making decisions based on what you like and focus on making the best decisions to communicate your company’s values and goals to its potential customers.

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