Reteal Packaging Mockup

The Reteal packaging Project was in Collaboration with Tempo Plastics and Pac Next. This is part of a recycling initiative that enables citizens to be able to recycle items that have been otherwise impossible to recycle.

The front of The Reteal Packaging.

The Back of The Reteal Packaging.

You can see the illustration style much more clearly with the flat artwork. The split comp colour mode with a variety of tints worked quite well for this project.

Reteal Logo

The Reteal logo borrows from the familiarity of the recycle reduce reuse brand which is something that many of us know. You can see this in the arrows used in the E and the A of the logo. Furthermore, the client asked that a Canadian element be added to the logo. Using the maple leaf as the bowl of the R was a creative way of doing this.

Reteal colours and fonts

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